WINTER 2014/2015

A New Year – Demolition At Seattle’s Historic Central Seawall

Posted on  December 31, 2014

by John Roth III

A bit of video and a few photos of the demolition in progress near Piers 54/55 at the Elliott Bay Seawall Project (EBSP).

Big bites make quick work.

View southwest, Pier 54 in the background

View northwest past Pier 55

Mass Excavation and CIP Slab Construction at the Elliott Bay Seawall

Posted on  January 23, 2015

by John Roth III

Things are moving right along in the vicinity of Piers 57-59, on the Elliott Bay Seawall (EBSP). Mass excavation accomplished, cast-in-place slab construction in progress.

Looking north past the Seattle Aquarium at Pier 59

Looking south past Pier 57

Here’s what’s being built:

A bit of video shot by Scott while out on recent site walks…

Plenty of steel being installed (looking north):

Concrete pour today (looking south):

Last but not least, an informative update from the SDOT Waterfront project team.

Early February 2015 at the Elliott Bay Seawall Project

Posted on  February 6, 2015

by John Roth III

Time to share a few images and notes on activity from the past few weeks at the Elliott Bay Seawall Project (EBSP).

Soil freezing keeps groundwater out of the mass excavation zone – it’s been a big success!

Takes lots of power…

… and plenty of coolant!

Soil freeze line doing its thing

The Northwest’s lack of winter 2015 snowfall hasn’t quelled the creative spirit of the folks working on this project!

Rebar comes out … and rebar goes back in …

Soil freeze snowmen

Early 20th century rebar removed

Structural integrity for the CIP slab!

Early 21st century rebar installed

Meanwhile, down at the south end of the project…

Changes at Ivar’s, too…

Riprap removal in preparation for excavation

Action shots…

Scott is at the site most every day.

Preparation for Habitat Bench and Wall Panel Installation at Seattle’s Seawall Replacement

Posted on  February 13, 2015

by Scott Goss

View south near the Seattle Aquarium

Construction furiously continues along the historic piers at the Elliott Bay Seawall Project (EBSP). Much activity in progress, including jet grouting for the Improved Soil Mass (ISM) and careful excavation to prep for habitat bench and wall panel installation. Photos and videos below.

Look here for a conceptual view of what’s being constructed. See the New and Improved Seawall illustration. Waterfront Seattle’s February 12th update highlights the new seawall face panels being installed.

Looking south near Waterfront Park

View north near Pier 55 – Improved Soil Mass (ISM) installation

Jet grout installation for Improved Soil Mass (ISM) foundation:

Closeup on the habitat bench excavation zone:

Habitat bench zone excavation

Excavation for habitat bench and wall panel installation:

Removing spoils for hauling from the site:

New Seawall Panel Installation Near Seattle’s Waterfront Park

Posted on  February 24, 2015

by  John Roth III

New seawall panels are in along Waterfront Park!  Here is Waterfront Seattle’s February 19th weekly update, along with a little video and a few pictures showing how these structures, ranging in weight from about nine to nearly fifteen tons apiece depending upon depth, are installed:

View south along Waterfront Park

Pier 57 in the background – back panel detail

View north along Waterfront Park – panel structure detail


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